How we’ll work together

Trying to find a therapist and knowing what to look for can be a pretty daunting process, so I’ve laid out below some things that might be helpful to you to know about me, how I work and what you can expect from our sessions.


I offer a complimentary 20 min telephone consultation prior to any initial session.

Your initial session

We arrange an initial session, which is a 90 min exploratory conversation. The purpose of this session is to help us think through why you want therapy, why now and what impact these reasons/issues are having on your life. It’s also to establish if therapy is appropriate for you at this time. It’s important to sense check that you feel we could work together and vice versa. How you feel in our relationship is important and if either one or both of us doesn’t feel as if we’ve clicked, where appropriate I’ll help you think about some possible next steps.

Ongoing therapy

If we decide that we are able and want to work together, we will agree a weekly day/time for your session. This may be at a different time to your initial assessment session. Your sessions will take place at the same time every week. We will agree if we are working in a time limited manner or open endedly, as this will shape the focus and feel of the work we do together. If the work is time limited, then we agree the number of sessions and work towards that. With open ended work we typically agree an initial number of therapy sessions. Then we can review how the therapy is going for us both and review the work done and decide what we want to do next.

My approach

It’s not unusual for people to come into therapy because something is not right in their world, and with that sometimes comes the expectation the therapist is going to provide them with tips, tricks or strategies to ‘fix’ things. You may be coming into therapy with lots of questions. When we are hurting, we are often focused on getting answers without checking to see if we are asking the best questions.


As your therapist, I have the privilege of being able to walk alongside you. I do not have all the answers, but I do provide a different perspective being on the outside of the rest of your world and relationships. So my hope is that you find our relationship non-judgmental and a confidential space that allows you to feel safe and gently challenged. It is within the context of our therapeutic relationship that emotional growth, awareness and understanding can be experienced and reflected on together.

The time that we may walk side by side may vary. However we agree to work together, we will periodically review progress, the timeframe of the work and our experience of the relationship we have developed together.

Session details & fees

The initial assessment session is a standalone appointment. The cost for this session is £75. You will need to pay for this session up front and return your Client Agreement to confirm the booking of this session.

Should we decide to work together beyond the initial session, we will agree a specific day/time for us to meet on a weekly basis. Each session is 50 mins and the cost for this will be £75.

If you miss a session the charge will remain £75 as I hold your session for you whilst we are working together.

All my sessions are conducted virtually using a secure online video conferencing platform.

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