It's been a while....

Posted May 2024

It’s been rather a ‘while’ since we have posted and it’s been mainly for very positive reasons. Since October 2022 there have been some changes at E-J Psychotherapy & Counselling, making 2023 a very busy and full exciting year.

The most significant change is that we now offer in person psychotherapy as well as continue to work virtually. We have found and been working in a lovely practice office in the centre of Liverpool, in partnership with Liverpool Therapy Rooms Ltd (  This means that E-J Psychotherapy & Counselling is able to offer weekly therapy sessions in person between 1pm-7pm depending on availability. 

This has enabled the practice to grow and E-J Psychotherapy & Counselling is now able to see up to 10 clients in person in addition working with clients on line. And watch this space more as online sessions are going to be available…soon. 

So, as we embrace the second quarter of 2024 we leave you with this quote. Chosen partly because here at E-J Psychotherapy & Counselling we really like it.  We are determined to be a psychotherapy practice that reflects and celebrates those who work here.  Also chosen becauase we want to honour and reflect those who are courageous enough to step across the threshold into therapy and embrace the possibility of a new relationship with themselves, others and their own sense and understanding of spirituality. 

‘If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be’

Maya Angelou